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TCEC joins SES partnership

Posted on 3/7/2014 by Joe Gray

TCEC has recently announced that they have become an equity partner in Smart Energy Source LLC

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Nationally Recognized: Smart Energy Source partnership featured in RE Magazine

Posted on 10/18/2013 by Larry Mattox SU

Central Rural Electric Cooperative was acknowledged in the August 2013 issue of Rural Electric (RE) Magazine for its collaboration with local and statewide partners to form Smart Energy Source.

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Smart Energy Source LLC
Smart Energy Source LLC is an energy services partnership formed by Oklahoma State University, Guernsey and Central Rural Electric Cooperative. The joint venture is paving the way to improved reliability and lower costs through greater operating efficiencies for consumers and the utility industry. It will also harness the research power of OSU in the development of energy services and utility system enhancements for the partner’s use.   Read more...

Energy Services
SES Energy Services provides services to residential, commercial and industrial consumers, and utilities. Our goal is to understand your energy needs to customize an energy plan utilizing industry best practices and innovations.
NESI Partnership
Together, Smart Energy Source and Oklahoma State University's National Energy Solutions Institute are Taking Energy to the Next Generation. Through this unique partnership, OSU is turning its research into practice through SES.
SES Association
Initially a collaboration among Central Rural Electric Cooperative, Oklahoma State University, and Guernsey, SES has expanded to form the SES Association. The association is open to utilities, corporations and energy-related organizations.
Smart Energy Source partners are working together to build our energy future. Find out more about who is behind this unique collaboration, why it was formed and its key initiatives. SES is truly taking energy to the next generation.